About Our Company

Who Are We?

Sophisticated Income was created on the idea that we should empower everyone with the opportunity to become self employed.

Our Founder, Steve Jones, has been in the Sales, Marketing and Advertising Industry spanning more than 20 years. He has worked for a Fortune 50 company, several small/medium established companies and had his hands in helping launch hundreds of startups.

Steve has created software, led developers through his designs and managed the process from idea to conception.

As for his own endeavors, he has launched a digital advertising firm and sold it, launched a commercial move management company, launched a mattress store and sold it before creating Sophisticated Income.

His experience with marketing initially began with necessity and led him to what is now his passion. Steve has spent thousand of hours and tens of thousands of dollars researching and educating himself on the the best ways to market a product or business. He is a successful eBay and Amazon Seller, he owns his own brands and is also a very effective affiliate marketer.

But his real love is for the small business owner/entrepreneur. His hope is to educate those who are looking for the first time to open a business by providing business opportunities that are proven to be successful.

Sometimes they are online and sometimes they are brick and mortar. Sometimes they are Franchise and sometimes they are not. We evaluate each person for their skills, time available and their investment budget and find what is best for them.

We then find the right products/tools to help them streamline their business and give them marketing services to increase their success.


What We Provide

We provide reviews and links to Business Models that allow you to Work From Home and Marketing Products that help you automate a lot of the processes and generate leads.

In the Services tab at the top, you will find the marketing services we provide our clients that actually a make a difference to their profit margins.

You will find several Businesses that I have been intimately involved with over the last 6 years.

And the Marketing Software is a must have for anyone who wants to make more money.