Jazzro PBN

Feature Description

Domain Features


Premium Domain (TF15+ RD12+ DA10+) Clean and spam checked domain with minimum of Trust/Citation Flow 15, Referring Domains 12+ and Domain Authority 10+
Domain Registration Fee Your Domain Registration fee is included in the price along with setting up Who is records.
Full Domain and Website Ownership You are the sole domain and website/Mini-Site owner.
Google Index Guarantee Full indexation guarantee for 30 days. The domains will get indexed or I will replace them.
Hosting Features
Premium cPanel Servers Premium cPanel servers from reputable hosting companies that host thousands of real sites (Siteground, Godaddy, Hostgator etc)
IP Diversity Every website is hosted on a different IP on a separate server.
Nameserver Diversity Mini-Sites will use common nameservers that hundreds of thousands of real sites are using every day
Hide In Plain Sight Your websites are hosted among real business sites and blogs
Everything from PBN Setup Plan Including …
Website Design and Development Complete website design and development is included with every build.
Custom Made Logo and Graphics Custom Made Logo and Graphics for your site.
1500+ words of content 1500+ words will be placed on your site and spread between pages
Legal Pages About, Contact, TOS, Privacy will be created for your site. Word count on these pages does not count toward 1500 words.
WP Themes and Plugins WordPress themes with good security and speed features.
Basic and Paid Plugins Installation and Set-up Setup of website backend and plugins according to our best practices.
Unique Website author Your website will have a unique Persona or team for each build.
Mixed Website Structure A mix of business/corporate website layout and Personal/magazine style blogs to randomize the look and feel.
Interlinking of pages and posts Pages and posts will be interlinked (if applicable) to maximize link juice potential.
Basic on page SEO Every site will get a basic On Page SEO with Title, Description and image alt tags.
Security and Caching Plugins Security and caching setup for maximum safety and speed.
Social Profiles You will get a mixed number of social profiles and platforms to increase diversity.
Blog Management I will manage all the Updates, Plugins, Security and Backups for each site. Frequent Index checks to make sure the sites are indexed in Google. This is included in price.

Second Tier Link Wheel Build

I will build a second tier wheel that will support each Mini-Site                                                                                                                   This will be a combination of Social Accounts, High Authority Blog Accounts and Web 2.0s for increased ranking diversity. 150 profiles in Total


45-55 Days


Domain Research and Registration (1 time fee) $40 Per Domain x 50 Domains = $2000
Site Build (1 time fee) $40 Per Mini-Site x 50 Mini-Sites = $2000
Monthly Hosting $200 Per month
Monthly Management Fees to Steve $100 Per Month / Per Money Site added to Network.


12-15 Unique Articles Per Mini-Site
3 Links Per Article / 1 Video Per Article
1 Article Per Client Per Mini-Site
For most local businesses, the average # of Mini-Sites it would take to rank #1 is 25. This give you 600-750 Articles for entire PBN
In less competitive local niches, you would be able to rank a site with 5 Mini-Site Articles.
For more competitive niches, it would be rare that more than 50 Mini-Sites would be necessary.
Customer Capacity is 35-40

What to Charge Clients

Monthly Offsite SEO Price $300 Per Month / Per Money-Site Location
Minus $100 Per Month Fee to Steve
Profit of $200 Per Month Per Client


5 Clients $1000 Per Month Profit               4 Month ROI
10 $2000 Per Month Profit               2 Month ROI
15 $3000 Per Month Profit               2 Month ROI
20 $4000 Per Month Profit               1 Month ROI
35 $7000 Per Month Profit               1 Month ROI

What’s included

Each article will have: Main URL Link
2 Secondary Page Links
1 Video Embed
1-2 Images
1-2 Authority Links
$300 includes: 1st Place Rankings for Main URL
1st Page Rankings for 2 Secondary Pages
For More competitive Niches and Keywords: In most cases, It will be necessary to have some on-page SEO done first to accomplish Off-Site Success.
Examples would include URL structure, H1 Tags and Image / Video Attributes.

SERP Changes

There is never a guarantee in any form of SEO.
However, it should take 60-120 days to see the results you look to get.


Each Month 2 reports will be sent.
1 to Jazzro.
1 to Client with Jazzro Branding.