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Why you should be spending money on YouTube SEO

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It’s common knowledge that YouTube currently ranks as the second biggest search engine after Google.

With an estimated 92 billion page views and over 800 million viewers each month, YouTube is definitely a huge traffic source for all types of blogs and websites.

It is therefore a great strategy to get higher rankings and more traffic for your site via YouTube videos.

Many marketers and brands are now turning to YouTube to advertise their products and services. It is cheaper to advertise via YouTube than other generic platforms such as TV and newspapers. However, getting the top position in YouTube search results is often not guaranteed. This is where YouTube SEO comes in.

There is specific formula that describes how YouTube ranks videos. YouTube SEO goes beyond the use of relevant keywords and providing a keyword rich video description, although these are crucial ranking factors. Some of the key areas you can focus on while doing YouTube SEO include generating views, getting more likes, shares, subscribers, and annotation linking. Avoiding being flagged and being “favorited” by viewers also helps in improving your ranking.

As with everything in SEO, the YouTube SEO also begins with keyword research. The goal at this first stage is to find keywords with YouTube results on Google, preferably on the first page. The keyword should also match with the file name of your video before you even upload the video on YouTube. You should also include tags and categories to help find your video from the other millions of similar videos uploaded daily.

Your video title also counts and so does the description. It also helps to have a playlist and social sharing beyond YouTube in other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can always seek the services of a good YouTube SEO expert for better results.






Jazzro Review – Digital Banner Advertising

Jazzro Review – Digital Banner Advertising


Jazzro Review – Digital Banner Advertising


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Digital Advertising Campaigns

The chances are that as an online business owner you have already tried your hand at online digital advertising yourself. If you enjoyed any level of success then you must have either spent a lot of time researching your target market and tweaking metrics such as CPC and your audience demographics or you must have got very lucky. If you were not so diligent in your approach or were perhaps not quite so lucky then you will have most likely found it a costly mistake.

The reason for this is that digital advertising is an art form. An art form that Jazzro has perfected with their banner advertisements.

Jazzro’s Digital Advertising campaigns combine years of experience with the buying power of big brand. They can leverage the leading search engines which allows for more effective cost per click and cost per impressions metrics as well as full management of the entire campaign from creation to conversion. Packages start from $1500 per month.

Our Digital Marketing Features all you to target potential customers like never before.

You can choose your target by:

Geographic Location
What they have been searching for online
And a whole lot more.

If you have questions or just want more information, feel free to email us at

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Jazzro Review – Text Messaging Service

Review of the Text Messaging feature in Jazzro

You can learn more about this feature and the the other services at Top Jazzro Advocate!!!

Why Choose Our Text Messaging Services?

Mobile Marketing Solutions has not only come to ease interaction with friends; but also has come to assist the marketing sector. Recent statistics show that majority of the population at least own a phone and are more engaged with mobile digital marketing than any other form of electronic communication. Based on this, many businesses are now using text messaging as their primary channel to reach their customers. This medium has nothing but many benefits for your business.

Benefits of text SMS Marketing Solutions.

1. It’s cheap.

It’s much cheaper as compared to other forms of marketing. Many text messaging platforms allow you to send each message for just a few cents. Considering the power of SMS to target engaged consumers directly, it delivers an excellent value proposition for your business.

2. It’s interactive.

This form of sms marketing engages you with your potential customers better than facebook or email. It allows customer feedback platforms from where you can learn their reactions and tips so that you can improve your products and services.

3. It’s quick.

Because a phone is proven to be an addictive gadget, high chances are, immediately you send a message, the potential customer will read it and at once give feedback as it is usually free by their side.

To ensure you hit that target profit margin in your business, make sure you try Jazzro’s mobile marketing method out. The tracking features allow you to see who and when a message is opened and gives you the power to change your strategies to fit your audience.

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Jazzro Marketing Features Jazzro Review

Jazzro Marketing Features – Jazzro Review

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You can see  these and others videos on this Youtube Channel

In this video, I go over all the features Jazzro has to offer.

Marketing Features

Email Marketing

In my opinion, one of the simplest email tools on the market for a very good price. I would not expect all the bells and whistles with Jazzro just yet but I do think for any small business, this has great value.

Social Media Management

Definitely one of the best services available and for a wonderful price. Like I mention in the video, I used to charge way more than their price to do less work.

Mobile Marketing

The numbers speak for themselves and this little Jazzro tool makes it super easy to reach out to your customers and prospects.

Greetings Cards

I like this option a lot. Who wants to deal with cards all the time. This piece allows you to get your time back.

Promotional Gifts

Candles and food. what gets better than that. manage all your gifts from one place and never make mistakes again. You really can’t beat this Jazzro feature

Digital Advertising Campaigns

If it’s good enough for Amazon, it’s good enough for me. The average company using banner ads spend over 8k a month because the value is so high. This is what Advertising was always meant to look like.

Contact Management

The core to all the other features. It’s simple and feature rich. I like this tool better than any other I have ever used.

Search Engine Optimization

Quit wasting all your money on services that only get you to the second page of Google. Jazzro SEO lives on the first page and can get you the placement you have been hoping for.

Website Design and Hosting

You could do it cheaper but you know what you have to do to get that cheaper price. ALL THE WORK! Hours and hours of work. Who has time for that? Stop wasting time and money and get this little gem working for you.

This is Steve Jones with Sophisticated Income and I approve this Jazzro Review message.

Learn more by visiting
If you have questions, you can speak to them by emailing

Jazzro Marketing Features
Jazzro Marketing
jazzro Features
Jazzro Review

17 Types of Backlinks

What are the Types of Backlinks Available?

  1. Article Directories

  2. Business Citations

  3. High PR Links

  4. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

  5. Press Releases

  6. Social Signals


  8. Education Links

  9. Blogs / Pliggs

  10. Audio Sharing

  11. Video Sharing

  12. Classifieds

  13. PDFs

  14. Wikis

  15. RSS Feeds

  16. Web 2.0 Properties

  17. Forums

Below you are going to find definitions of each and how they can be acquired.

Article Directories